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JP Webinars

Click the URL. Call-in. Wait. Webinar Begins. Webinar Ends. Have you ever experienced this type a webinar as a higher education professional? Often times, there is limited interaction and limited action steps that folks can take away from the presentation.

Are you ready to transform your experience?

We are and that’s why we created JP Webinars.

Our webinars are facilitated by higher education professionals who utilize identity-conscious approaches to their work and who are on the front lines (just like…YOU)! They incorporate three vital elements in their work: (1) high-quality content; (2) tangible resources; and (3) success-driven action steps!

JP Campus

Looking for a national student affairs speaker and higher education consultant who specializes in topics on leadership, equity and inclusion, and LGBTQ services? Below you will find speakers and consultants who are intentional about customizing presentations for each institution in order to provide the best learning experience for college students, higher education faculty, and student affairs administrators.

We understands the difficulties of finding quality speakers for conferences, workshops, and events. Allow us to to help ensure that every speech, workshop, and presentation exceeds the your expectation.

JP Scholarships

How many professional development opportunities do you take advantage of throughout the academic year? How much money do you spend on those opportunities? How much of that money is reinvested into higher education?

These are great questions. And, they are the questions that we asked ourselves when developing JPHigherEd. We want students across the country to spend less time focusing on financial aide and more time focusing on that test next Friday or the new major they are interested in!

To be successful, we are asking for your help in three ways! First, contact us by using the contact form below to set up a scholarship to support your students.  Second, register for one of our webinars throughout the academic year! Third, support this initiative by hiring one of our consultants for a speaking engagement on your campus.

Start the conversation with us today and become one of our partners tomorrow.


The #JPSPEAKS: Social Justice & Inclusion Podcast for Higher Education Professionals is hosted by Jamie Piperato! This podcast aims to provide free content to listeners that connects them with tools, techniques, and success-driven action steps to create inclusive environments in higher ed!

JP Courses

JP Courses is a service that provides free professional development courses for higher education professionals that focus on topics such as social justice, skill refinement, and leadership. These courses are different from ones that you might register for on another platform because they utilize a social justice lens. During all conversations the identities of those who are registered for the course will be centered.


Higher Education, Disclosures of Violence, Sexual Violence, Title IX, Survivors, Support
JPHigherEd, Student affairs, Higher Education


“Reexamining our Language as Student Affairs Professionals” is JPHigherEd’s very FIRST JP Course! We invite you to join us by registering below for a seat in this course! What should you expect during this course? Great question! Below is a list of the learning objectives that participants will achieve as a result of this course!

By the end of the course, participants will

  1. Be able to identify the use of oppressive words, phrases, and concepts within their own language
  2. Be able to actively address oppressive words, phrases, and concepts used by friends, family, and colleagues in an effective manner
  3. Be able to cultivate inclusive communities by utilizing proactive, inclusive language practices

This course is free and is open to any higher education professional! Register for your seat before the course fills up!