JPHigherEd, a company geared towards providing identity-conscious professional development opportunities Untitled design-5for higher education professionals, has the honor of introducing thirteen new members of its’ team to the higher education world!

“It is with great excitement that I am able to introduce thirteen amazing professionals who utilize a social justice lens in all of the work that they do,” says Founder and CEO Jamie Piperato. “It can be frustrating to spend limited time and money on professional development opportunities that perpetuate identity-blind approaches to education. JPHigherEd was created as a way to better serve our community by centering the voices of those who are most marginalized in our society.”

In April, JPHigherEd sent out a call-for-facilitators that led to an interested pool of over fifty professionals. “We were very intentional about our application process,” says Piperato. “We wanted to ensure we were creating a process that was congruent with our four guiding principles: justice, empowerment, connection, and education.” At the end of the process, Piperato was able to invite thirteen professionals into the JPHigherEd community. See the complete list of facilitators below:

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“Having the opportunity to be a facilitator for JP Webinars is like standing in a crowd and someone validating Sierra Hairstonyour experience and your story by handing you the megaphone to speak. I am excited and humbled for the experience, and I hope to provide someone with the confirmation that their voice matters,” says Sierra Hairston, one of the incoming facilitators.

T.J. JourianDr. T.J. Jourian, an incoming facilitator, states, “When thinking about “inclusion” we are often guilty of doing the minimum necessary to accommodate those few that most easily fit into our campuses’ and departments’ structures as they currently are with minor adjustments. Rather, let’s dream up how we restructure more broadly and eliminate the grief and anguish that comes up from never being something enough.”

Over the next two weeks, JPHigherEd will spotlight two facilitators each day leading up to the FULL ACCESS launch of the JPHigherEd website on August 01. Higher education professionals are encouraged to visit (between July 18 and August 01) to receive a 10% discount code for an upcoming 2016-2017 webinar! A full-list of webinar titles will be released to the public on July 25 and registration for these webinars will be open on August 01!

Launch Subscribe_PostPiperato was asked what aspect about JPHigherEd are you most proud of and her response was, “To be completely transparent, as a person who has committed their life to social justice and education, it has been internally difficult to do this work as a business functioning inside the system of capitalism. But, there is a lack of monetary support within the education system for folks who do this work which often means facilitators are either overworked or underpaid. JPHigherEd was created for individuals who want their voice to be heard and valued. As a way to ensure we are staying true to our values, we created ‘JP Scholarships,’ a service funded by JP Webinars that creates student scholarships and non-restricted funds for non-profits.” JPHigherEd is committed to transparency and will release an annual report at the end of each fiscal year.

To find out more about JPHigherEd and the thirteen JP Webinars’ Facilitators, follow @JPHIGHERED on Twitter or “like” the JPHigherEd Facebook Page. To obtain more information on the upcoming webinars, visit and submit an email to the homepage. All participants will be sent a 10% discount code in celebration of the launch!

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