Click the URL. Call-in. Wait. Webinar Begins. Webinar Ends. Have you ever experienced this type a webinar as a higher education professional? Often times, there is limited interaction and limited action steps that folks can take away from the presentation.

Are you ready to transform your experience?

We are and that’s why we created JP Webinars.

Our webinars are facilitated by higher education professionals who are on the front lines (just like…YOU)! They approach their webinars with three vital elements in mind: (1) high-quality content; (2) tangible resources; and (3) success-driven action steps!

You may be asking, “Why else should I support this platform over another company that provides webinars?” The answer is simple: STUDENT SCHOLARSHIPS. JP Webinars was developed from the START as a platform that gives back to the very people higher education aims to serve: STUDENTS! A portion of all the proceeds obtained via YOUR SUPPORT (and registration) will be placed into multiple scholarship funds! AND, as a way to be true to our word, JP Webinars (and JPHigherEd in general) will be transparent via an annual report so that you can SEE where the money is going! Pretty cool, right?

Now, there is only one thing left for you to do! Scroll down below and register for our upcoming webinars! You will not be disappointed.