Scholarships & Funds.

How many professional development opportunities do you take advantage of throughout the academic year? How much money do you spend on those opportunities? How much of that money is reinvested into higher education?

These are great questions. And, they are the questions that we asked ourselves when developing JPHigherEd. We utilized our four guiding principles ( justice, empowerment, connection, and education) to develop a service that holds us accountable as a company. This service is JP Scholarships.

JP Scholarships ensures that a portion of the profits obtained from every JP Webinars’ registration fee will be used to create student scholarships OR unrestricted funds for non-profit organizations who utilize a social justice lens in their work.

AND, as a means to hold us accountable even more, we will release an annual report at the end of every year!

To be successful, we are asking for your help. Contact us by using the contact form below to set up a scholarship to support your students.  We are looking to develop relationships with both institutions of higher education and non-profit organizations.

Start the conversation with us today and become one of our partners tomorrow.

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