We are proud to celebrate Black History Month! What are you doing this month to learn more about Black leaders, the Civil Rights Movement, the #BlackLivesMatter Movement, Black Inventors, Black Educators, Black Community Leaders!?

What are you doing this month to check your bias? Are you reexamining your role in perpetuating racism? How are you taking steps to dismantle institutional racism?

Click the image below to view a few quotes from Black leaders such as Angela Davis, Bayard Rustin, Marsha P. Johnson, and James Baldwin! In addition, check out a few resources that we’ve listed that you can utilize to learn more about the history of Black and Brown folx.

Before you leave this page, leave a comment in the comments section about what you will do to reflect, learn, and educate during the 2017 Black History Month!

Resources to Reflect, Learn, & Educate

Comment below with a few action steps that you are completing this month in celebration of Black History Month!

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